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Tanning Lotions

Proud stockists of Australian Gold tanning lotions. With over 20 years experience behind them Australian Gold are the worlds No.1 indoor tanning brand. We have a wide range of Australian Gold lotions in store at affordable prices. There is one to suit every skin type. The lotions are packed with vitamins, nutrients and oils to provide deep moisturising while minimising wrinkles. The products contain a dark tanning complex called Biosine Complex which promotes your skins own ability to achieve a dark tan.

TanME Tanning Salon Tan Shots
Tan Shots

Tan Shots are a new Aloe Vera based vitamin drink. They contain Beta Carotene and Vitamins A,C and E which condition your body to achieve a healthy golden tan. Special active componants support the tanning process and take care of your skin from the inside. Enjoy the delicious taste and experience the positive effects during your next tanning session.

TanME Tanning Salon Carrot Sun
Carrot Sun

Carrot Sun products contain almond oil, which is rich in a natural tan-accelerating agent called L-Tyrosine. This amino acid promotes and stimulates the production of melanin in the skin upon exposure to UV rays or the sun. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the tanned colour of skin and also protects skin from UV rays. L-Tyrosine in our tanning formulas means that less time is needed in the sun to achieve your desired colour.

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Tanning Tips

Getting a tan is what a lot of people do every summer, however the amount of UV rays from the sun nowadays can be unpredictable and may be harmful to the skin without proper protection. There are also times when the sun is not available to give you the tanned skin you desire. In times like this, artificial sources such as a tanning bed come in handy. Clean and exfoliate your skin prior to tanning. Exfoliation after the tanning process may result in uneven skin colour. Moisturise skin regularly-it will absorb UV rays more efficiently and therefore will tan faster. Moisturisation is also key in aiding the skin to perform at its optimal efficiency and this will allow the development of faster,darker colour. Skin that is dry and dehydrated will look dull and ashy and will not be able to achieve the maximum tanning effect. Use a tanning lotion from our extensive range here in the salon. Healthy moisturised skin will tan darker and faster and will stay tanned for much longer. Using a tanning lotion will double your tanning results each session. Dry skin will reflect UV light, if your skin is dry you will get a surface tan that you will lose very quickly because your skin will exfoliate faster, bringing your tan with it. Using a lotion will also help ward off fine lines and wrinkles. Think of a grape, when you remove moisture it becomes a raisin. This is what happens to your skin if you tan without moisturising. Dont shower directly after your tanning session, let the melanin in your skin absorb the tan. Use the goggles provided during the tanning session to protect the retina of your eyes, resulting in safer tanning.